Pr. AG - Shri P. K. Kataria

Group officer in charge

( Shri/Ms.)

Sectoral Groups


Hari Prakash,



Administration, Personal Claims, General Department (GD) and Estate functions, ISW, and Finance Audit Wing.

Dhanlaxmi Chourasia,


General Sector

Audit of accounts of 17 State Departments grouped within this Sector.

Bhavika Joshi Lathe,


Social Sector I

Audit of accounts of three State Departments grouped within this sector.

Atul Prakash,

Sr. DAG (addl. Charge)

Social Sector II

Audit of accounts of State 17 State Departments grouped within this sector.

Atul Prakash,


Social Sector III

Audit of accounts of 11 State Departments grouped within this Sector & all Performance Audit.

G.C. Srivastava,


Social Sector IV

Audit of accounts of 09 State Departments and 27 PSUs grouped within this sector.

Subodh Kumar, WO


Staff Welfare, Hindi, Training, Sports etc.


General Sector
After re-organisation of Civil Audit offices w.e.f. April 2012, the newly created co-ordination General Sector deals with audit of 17 Departments mainly grouped under General, Administration, Public Works and Rural Engineering Department. The Departments under the audit jurisdiction of General Sector are:

  1. Collectorate and Consolidation                      9.  Estate                                  17. Secretariate Administration
  2. Civil Defence                                            10. Election
  3. Home                                                      11. Finance
  4. Home Guard and Police Pension                    12. Information and Public Relation
  5. Jail Administration                                     13. Karmik (Personnel)
  6. Law (judiciary Department)                         14. Planning
  7. Vigilance                                                 15. Public Works Department
  8.  Administrative Reforms                              16. Rural Engineering



Social Sector – I

The Departments under the audit jurisdiction of Social Sector-I are:

  1. Panchayati Raj Department – including Panchayati Raj Institutions (Zila Panchayat, Kshetra Panchayat & Gram Panchayats) ;
  2. Urban Development Department – including Urban Local Bodies (Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika Parishad, Nagar Panchayat) along with District Development Officer ;
  3. Rural Development Department – District Rural Development Agencies,
  4. Director, Local Fund Audit of Government of Uttar Pradesh.

         Audit of Panchayati Raj Institutions and Urban Local Bodies is being conducted as per Government of Uttar Pradesh entrustment order vide letter No. Audit- 840 / X-2011-101(5)/ 11 dated 30th March, 2011  and letter No. Audit 1242 /X-2011-101(5)/ 2011 16th May, 2011 under the provision of C & AG’s DPC Act, 1971.
                                      Details of Auditee units of PRIs & ULBs

Sl. No.


Number of units


Zila Panchayat



Kshektra Panchayat



Gram Panchayat



Nagar Nigam



Nagar Palika Parishad



Nagar Panchayat


Social Sector – II
Social Sector-II deals with audit of 17 Departments mainly grouped under Education and Welfare. The Departments/Organisations under the audit jurisdiction of Social Sector II are:


1. Basic Education 

4. Vocational Education

2. Secondary Education                                   

5. Technical Education

3. Higher Education                                         

6. Agriculture Education and Research                                                                        


1.Social Welfare

7.Women Welfare

2.Handicapped Welfare

8. Backward Welfare

3.Minority Welfare 

9. Sports

4.Youth Welfare

10. Soldier Welfare

5.Child Development and Nutrition               

11. Culture

6.Group Insurance



Social Sector – III
Social Sector-III deals with audit of 11 Departments mainly grouped under Agriculture and Irrigation. The Departments under the audit jurisdiction of Social Sector III are:

    • Agriculture
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Bhoomi Vikas & Jal Sansadhan
    • Fisheries
    • Food & Civil Supply
    • Ground Water
    • Horticulture
    • Irrigation
    • Kumbh/ Magh mela
    • Minor Irrigation
    • Sericulture

Social Sector – IV
Social Sector-IV deals with audit of 09 Departments mainly grouped under Medical and Public Health. It also deals with Audit of 27 State Public Sector Undertakings of the Departments under the Audit jurisdiction of office of the Pr. AG (G&SSA), UP, Allahabad. The Departments and PSUs under the audit jurisdiction of Social Sector IV are:

  1. State Government Departments:
  2. Medical Health & Family Welfare
  3. Medical Education & Training
  4. Employment and Poverty Eradication
  5. Avas evam Shahari Niyojan Anubhag
  6. Labour and Employment
  7. Viniyamit Kshatra
  8. Dy. Director (Farm), Animal Husbandry
  9. State Pharmacy of Ayurvedic & Unani Medicine, Lucknow
  10. Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply Department, Uttar Pradesh
    • Twenty-Seven Public Sector Undertakings of Government of Uttar Pradesh incorporated under section 619 of the company Act 1956.

Office of Accountant General, 20 S.N. Marg, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India


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